A Green Day for Tuam Adult Learning Centre

April 26, 2018

On Tuesday, the 10th of April 2018, Tuam Adult Learning Centre hosted a very successful environmental workshop which was attended by over 60 learners. The workshop was open to all learners of the centre and brought together ESOL learners, Literacy learners, and Computer learners. The aim was to make the learners more informed of the new recycling rules and on how to make more informed choices on purchasing and disposing of waste, along with helping learners identify ways they could help improve the environment at a personal level. It was a fantastic morning of socialising and learning together through inclusivity, along with the “cup of tea” and a slice of cake.

A Time for Change interactive notice-board in Tuam Adult Learning Centre

The morning started with a wonderful presentation on Climate Change, given by Emer Cosgrove, a Climate Change Ambassador with The Climate Reality Project. The presentation lasted approx. 30 mins and highlighted what is causing climate change across the world, and in Ireland. The videos and slides were very informative and provided the learners with information on climate change without overuse of technical language. The presentation moved on to solutions available for us all to combat climate change. It shifted awareness from global climate change solutions, to local solutions and lead very well into the recycling workshop. It was a very visual presentation and appealed to all the groups who attended the morning.

Emma Court from The Voice: Ireland Recycling Ambassador Project came with a fantastic workshop on what can, and cannot, be put into our recycling bins. Emma gave an excellent presentation on the different materials that can be placed in our recycling bins, and those that cannot. The emphasis was on the fact that recycling material is not waste but a valuable resource that can be made into many more viable goods. A video showing how the recycled material is sorted into plastics, paper, tins, aluminium etc. gave the learners an insight into how important it is to ensure the correct materials go into the recycle bin. Emma gave a practical workshop which involved all the learners deciding whether selected materials should be placed into the recycle bin, or not.

Everyone then enjoyed a nice cuppa tea and a slice of delicious homemade cake. It was fantastic to see such a big gathering of learners together, all discussing the topics presented. It provided a great opportunity for people from a wide variety of backgrounds to socialise and everyone had something to say on the topic along with the tea. As the two presenters said, it is so important to get people talking about these issues as it creates awareness and understanding in the community.

 Everyone is looking forward to the next Tuam Adult Learning Centre information morning after the great success of this one!


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