What’s the Story?

 What’s the Story ?
This free web app allows anyone to practise their spelling by filling in the blanks into a local story written by one of our student
 Click here to view, What’s the Story ?  
  • Now choose the level and then choose a story.
  • Select your difficulty and don’t forget to read the brief description of the story for useful clues and words that may appear in the story.
  • There is a dictionary link for you to use and a link to the Dolch list.
    There is a Hint button as well if you get stuck!
  • To start: click on any blank word space and use your keyboard to fill in the blanks.
  • If your word appears more than once, watch them all appear in the story at the same time!
  • This is the all new version with a hit counter, timer and tutor section among other new features, uploaded October 2016.
    You can still access the old version: click here.
    Many thanks are due to Nico Venneman for the creation and continued development of this web app. It is a wonderful resource and we really appreciate it as do our students, who are improving their skills all the time!


For further Information or if you would like your story to appear in this web app
Email Alison:  alison.jones@gretb.ie or call 091 706289.