About VTOS
VTOS-logo-150x140VTOS is a free, full-time return to education programme for unemployed adults over 21 years of age. You retain your social welfare benefits while on a VTOS programme.


VTOS Eligibility Criteria
Over 21 years of age and unemployed* for six months or more *Applicants must be in receipt of one of these qualifying payments immediately before starting the scheme:
  • Jobseekers benefit or Jobseekers allowance
  • One parent family payment
  • Disability allowance/Illness benefit**
  • Invalidity pension
  • Farm assist
  •  Blind person’s pension
  •  Deserted wife’s allowance/benefit
  •  Widow(er), contributory/non-contributory pension
  • Prisoner’s wives allowance or
  • Dependent spouse, civil partner or cohabitant of an eligible person
  • Signing for credits
  • Periods spent on FÁS, CES, Youthreach or Job Initiative programmes can count towards the qualifying period

**Check with relevant DSP office

Statutory Redundancy
A person in receipt of statutory redundancy but not in receipt of a qualifying payment for the required period may participate in a VTOS course after being made redundant.
Participants will continue to receive
  • Their social welfare entitlements
  • A meal allowance
  • A travel allowance if living 3 miles or more from the centre.

VTOS Programme – Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) certification
 Office Skills (4M2070)  – Components offered may include*:

  • Word Processing (4N1123)
  • Data Entry (4N1113)
  • Database Methods (4N1115)
  • Business Calculations (4N2279)
  • Business English (4N1108)
  • Communications (4N0689)
  • General Office Skills (4N1116)
  • Bookkeeping and Accounts (4N2267)
  • Spreadsheet Methods (4N1120)

Information Processing (5M2067) – Components offered may include*:

  • Bookkeeping Manual and Computerised (5N1354)
  • Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977)
  • Word Processing (5N1358)
  • Database Methods (5N0783)
  • Payroll Manual and Computerised (5N1546)
  • Communications (5N0690)
  • Work Experience (5N1356)
  • The Internet (5N1611)
  • Information Communications Systems (5N1952)
  • Statistics (5N2066)

All components are certified individually by QQI. When a student successfully achieves the correct number of components required by QQI, s/he will be awarded the relevant major award.


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Word Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Powerpoint Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Excel Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Outlook Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • One Note Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Access

All applications are certified individually by Microsoft.




The above  course will be starting 2nd September and will run for the academic year.

Contact Tutorteresa.moran@gretb.ie

Apply through www.fetchcourses.ie Course No. 269618


Additional Information
The following are available to all students attending VTOS:
  • Childcare funding
  • Career guidance
  • All class and exam materials supplied

Michael McDonagh – Director
Airglooney Education Centre
Airglooney House
Co. Galway
 phone (093) 25651  or  087 6853343        Email email vtos.tuam@gretb.ie