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Welcome to the Webpage for Boyle VTOS Centre

Boyle VTOS Centre is situated in the Old Vocational School Building (see Picture below right)
behind the Marian Shrine thus continuing the GRETB tradition of involvement in Education in Boyle town. VTOS started in Boyle in the year 1993. Donal J. Farrell a native of the town is the Co-ordinator here (see Picture below left) and Eithne Fannon is the Administrator.  Courses are accredited by Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI).

donaljfarrell-lge Boyle VTOS Centre

VTOS gives adults who may have left school at a young age an opportunity to re-engage with
education for a second time, make new friends, open new doors and to improve their confidence and skills. It allows individuals to look into different career options and often students do progress on to Third Level Education to explore career paths that they had previously only dreamed of.

The teachers who work in Boyle VTOS Centre are all very dedicated to the work of Adult
Education. They are committed to teaching their modules in which they are all highly qualified. It is enjoyable to work with adults and to play a part in helping them to reach their full potential especially when those individuals unleash new talents or skills that can surpass even their own expectations.

At Boyle VTOS Centre we are offering a QQI Level 5 Award over two years. Business
Administration 5M2468, Horticulture 5M2586 or Horsemanship 5M3371 are all offered
on a 2 Year basis. If you are interested in joining the VTOS course in Boyle please contact us
and we will be glad to speak with you about any of our courses.

Awards/Modules on offer at Level 5  from September 2016 in Boyle include:

Business Administration Award Level 5 – 5M2468

• Business Administration Skills (5N1610) **
• Word Processing (5N1358)
• Database Methods (5N0783)
• Spreadsheet Methods (5N1977)
• Desktop Publishing (5N0785)
• Digital Presentations (5N0563)
• Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised (5N1354) **
• Reception & Frontline Office Skills (5N1407)
• Payroll Manual & Computerised (5N1546)
• Work Practice (5N1433) **
• Communications (5N0689) **
• Furniture Restoration & Conservation (5N5648)

Horticulture Award Level 5 – 5M2586

• Plant Identification & Use (5N2527) **
• Plant Science (5N2528) **
• Soil Science & Growing Media (5N2530) **
• Plant Protection (5N2546) **
• Fruit & Vegetable Production (5N2552)
• Organic Principles & Standards (5N2550)
• Work Practice (5N1433) **
• Communications (5N0690) **
• Desktop Publishing (5N0785)
• Digital Presentations (5N0563)
• Furniture Restoration & Conservation (5N5648)

Horsemanship Award Level 5 – 5M3371

• Stable & Yard Routine (5N3355) **
• Sport Horse Riding (5N3359) **
Equine Anatomy & Physiology (5N3360)
• Sport Horse Riding Instruction (5N3362)
• Desktop Publishing (5N0785)
• Horse Conformation & Evaluation (5N3361)
• Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised (5N1354) **
• Young Horse Training Techniques (5N3357)
• Horse Breeding (5N3364)
• Digital Presentations (5N0563)
• Work Practice (5N1433) **
• Communications (5N0689) **
• Furniture Restoration & Conservation (5N5648)

Modules followed by  **  are Mandatory.

For further information, please contact:

Donal J. Farrell (VTOS Co-ordinator)donaljfarrell
Further Education Centre
Boyle VTOS Centre
Old Vocational School
Marian Road
Co. Roscommon

Phone: 071 966 3246 Fax: 071 966 2183 Mobile: 086 826 2825
Email: donalj.farrell@gretb.ieeithnefannon


Eithne Fannon – Administrator
Email: eithne.fannon@gretb.ie


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