Stakeholder Engagement

GRETB works in partnership with all of our external stakeholders such as SOLAS, QQI, DEASP, Prison Service, Employers, Regional Skills Fora, and employers. While we have extensive relationships with stakeholders we have to develop formal engagement policies and procedures. This applies particularly to engagement with employers for learners’ work placements. Centres and schools have individual policies in place but there is no organisation wide policy.

SOLAS: SOLAS is the State Organisation with responsibility for funding, planning and co-ordinating Further Education and Training (FET) in Ireland. It is the main funder of GRETB’s further education and training programmes. In order to secure funding GRETB submits an annual service plan and financial reports to SOLAS. The Service Plan includes inputs, outputs and certification reports gathered on the PLSS/FARR database. The plan is drawn up by GRETB’s FET Support Group and approved under our governance structure.


Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI): Since its establishment in 2013 GRETB has operated the four separate quality assurance policies and procedures originally agreed with FETAC. GRETB is in the process of re-engaging with Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the independent State agency responsible for promoting quality and accountability in education and training services in Ireland. In 2017 GRETB learners achieved 9941 QQI awards across 42 FET centres. GRETB staff also engages with QQI on a number of projects and a range of sectoral consultations.


Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection: GRETB’s centre and school staff have built strong relationships with local DEASP offices. Referrals to GRETB courses are made through DEASP, both by verbal referrals and through DEASP’s BOMi system. DEASP’s BOMi system ‘communicates’ with the PLSS/FARR system, the national database used by the ETBs. Area meetings are held quarterly throughout Galway and Roscommon between GRETB staff and DEASP staff to update on current situations and inform future planning of courses. The various sub-sections of FET i.e. VTOS, Youthreach, BTEI, Literacy, Guidance, the Training Centre, LTIs are represented at the meetings.  An interagency protocol is in place to manage the relationship between the two bodies.


Regional Skills Fora: The FET Director represents GRETB on the Fora. This Fora meets c 5 times a year to analyse employment needs and trends and assess skill gaps. The Fora links industry players and educational institutions together in order to create clear pathways to learning and employment.  Senior managers are represented on a number of sub-committees reporting to the Fora.


Employers: The Director of FET is also pursuing a formal structure to facilitate GRETB’s engagement with employers to ensure timely delivery of relevant programmes. An Employer Engagement Group was established for this purpose.


ETBI: Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) is an association established under the Education and Training boards Act 2013 to collectively represent education and training boards and promote their interests. As part of its role ETBI promotes the development and implementation of appropriate education and training policies, procedures and guidance for ETBs.  GRETB staff actively support ETBI in this role through membership of various fora and groups. Current membership includes:

ETBI Technical Working Group on Corporate Governance and Compliance

ETBI Technical Working Group on Quality Assurance Professional Development Framework for FET

ETBI Procurement Network Meeting

ETBI Property Steering Group

ETBI National Forum for Freedom of Information and Data Protection

ETBI Assessment Framework Group

ETBI EA Review Group

ETBI Principals of Further Education & Training Colleges Network

Membership of other groups:


Galway Chamber of Commerce

Roscommon Leader SICAP approval Board

Roscommon Childcare Committee

Galway Childcare Committee

Roscommon LCDC

GRETB PR/Social Media/Marketing Group

Galway City Partnership

Galway Rural Development

Western Regional Drugs Taskforce

Galway County Local Community Development Committee

FORUM Connemara

Galway Community Training Centre

Tuam Community Training Centre

Canal House Training Centre

Dochas Don Oige

GRETB GDPR In-house Working Group (currently being formed)



TEL Strategy Group

National Training Centre Managers Forum

National Apprenticeship Managers Forum

National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals

NAPD – FET Committee

FE2 HE Forum

Contracted Training Advisory Group (CTAG)

RPL Steering Group Network

Evaluation Panel for Initial Access to Validation