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The development and approval, under GRETB’s governance, of common quality assurance policies and procedures, applicable to all its centres and schools, is a long term project. In our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) we have committed to commencing the work towards one quality assurance agreement in 2018. Current interim policies can be found here .

As new policies and procedures are developed and formally approved they will be published to this page and will supersede older versions.

For policies and procedures applied by each centre or school under the legacy agreements please contact the centre or school directly. Contact Details

Overview of GRETB’s Further Education and Training structure:

Quality Council

GRETB has committed to the establishment of a Quality Council, led by the Director of FET, with responsibility for the development and implementation of GRETB’s quality assurance policies and processes. The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for assuring the quality of all education and training provision in GRETB.


Programme Approval Board

GRETB has committed to the establishment of a Programme Approval Board. This board will oversee the evaluation process for programme approval prior to submission to QQI for validation.


QA Working Group

GRETB has established a QA Working Group, led by an Adult Education Officer (AEO), with representation from its education and training services i.e. VTOS, PLC, BTEI, Literacy, Guidance, Training Centres, and administration. It has been agreed by the group to include a student representative on the QA Working Group. Following from the QIP, the group’s terms of reference will be reviewed. The group oversees the development and implementation of GRETB’s QA policies and procedures on programme development, teaching and learning, assessment, self-evaluation and monitoring. The QA Working Group is working towards a more formalised and systematic approach towards common policies and procedures, as outlined in our ESER.


QA Department

GRETB is in the process of establishing a Quality Assurance Department. It has been agreed that a QA Co-ordinator will be appointed in the near future. Administration support has been assigned to support the implementation of GTERB’s quality assurance systems.



All staff employed in Further Education and Training (FET) by GRETB have a responsibility to support the implementation of a quality service for all learners. GRETB provides full-time (PLC, VTOS, Youthreach, Training Centre, Apprenticeships, contracted training) and part-time (BTEI, Literacy, ESOL, Skills for Work, self-financing classes, Community Education) education and training programmes in GRETB owned and rented (long-term or short-term) premises. Staff may be GRETB staff members (full-time or part-time) or contracted trainers. All staff, regardless of their employment status or the context of programme delivery, have a responsibility to implement agreed quality assurance policies and procedures.

Responsibility for the implementation of quality assurance policies and procedures in dedicated centres or schools rests with the Centre Director/Co-ordinator/Manager/Principal/Further Education Co-ordinator; in Training Centres (including contracted training) the responsibility rests with the Training Centre Manager supported by two Assistant Managers. The BTEI Co-ordinator, Community Education Facilitator and the Adult Literacy Organiser have responsibility for quality assuring education provision within their service. With the exception of schools and the Training Centre one Adult Education Organiser (AEO), reporting to the Director of FET, oversees the implementation quality assurance policies and procedures.

 Our Strategy Statement 2017-2021 includes the enhancement of our internal communications channels while our Quality Improvement Plan has committed to exploring internal communications channels (ESER). Improved communications channels will support the embedding of a culture of quality in all centres and schools by all staff.

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GRETB Strategy Statement 

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