Programme Design and Approval

In our Strategy Statement 2017-2021 GRETB commits to providing responsive and innovative programmes. In response to this goal GRETB is actively engaged in the development of new programmes. GRETB contributed to the development of the new Commis Chef Apprenticeship programme and is currently leading the development of the new Arborist Apprenticeship programme to be proposed for validation approval to QQI in 2019.

If centres or schools wish to develop a new programme or module they submit a proposal, with supporting documentation, to their line manager. The proposal is discussed by the FET Steering Group to ensure that it is in line with GRETB’s Service Plan. The proposal is also on the agenda for the QA Working Group. When the proposal is approved by the FET Steering Group training for the programme writers is put in place, and the programme is developed. When the programme is developed it is evaluated against agreed criteria. The evaluators’ recommendations are presented to the Director of FET and the FET Steering Group to decide on whether or not the programme should be submitted to QQI for validation. The programme is submitted by the Director of FET to QQI for validation.

In order to build an organisation wide approach to the design and approval of new programmes GRETB plans to identify a Curriculum Development Core Team and to establish a

  • Programme Review Working Group
  • Programme Approval Committee

As new policies and procedures are developed and formally approved they will be published to this page and will supersede older versions.

In the case of shared programmes GRETB engages with ETBI in its programme development process for the ETBs.

A Research, Innovation and Development Officer has recently been appointed to assist with the identification of skills gaps and programme development.

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