Disclosure of Interest by Staff Members


Statement of Policy on the Disclosure of Interests by Staff members

(1) In addition to the requirements under the Ethics in Public Office Act 1995 and the Standards in Public Office Act 2001, where a member of staff of Galway  and Roscommon Education and Training Board has a pecuniary interest or other beneficial interest in any contract, agreement or arrangement, or proposed contract, agreement or arrangement, to which the Board is a party, that person shall: (a) disclose to the Chief Executive his or her interest and the nature thereof; (b) take no part in the negotiation of the contract, agreement or arrangement or in any deliberation by members of staff of the ETB, as the case may be, in relation to it, or (c) not influence, or seek to influence, a decision to be made in the matter or make any recommendation in relation to the contract, agreement or arrangement.