Death in Service

What Happens If You Die In Service ?
  1. Members of ETB Teachers & Education Sector Superannuation Schemes:

    In the event of death in service the superannuation scheme provides for a minimum Lump Sum payment of one year’s salary up to a maximum of one and a half times annual salary (ie the more favourable of Pensionable Remuneration at date or an amount equal to the Lump Sum that would have been paid had the employee retired on permanent infirmity at the date of death). This is known as a Death Gratuity and is payable to legal representative of person who dies in office.

    Also, if the employee was a member of the Widows and Orphans/Spouses and Children’s Scheme then a Spouse’s/Civil Partner’s pension is payable, where applicable. In addition, where applicable, child(s) pension is payable.

  2. Members Of Single Public Service Pension Schemes –(SPSPS):

    A death in service benefit of twice annual pensionable remuneration payable to members legal personal representative – see Section 30 of Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012.