Main Entitlements

What Are The Main Entitlements Of  Your Pension Scheme?
  • Pension for Life (after retirement)
  • Lump Sum (currently tax-free up to agreed Revenue limits)
  • Death Gratuity (instead of Lump Sum) for death in service
  • Permanent Infirmity Pension
  • Cost Neutral Early Retirement Pension
  • Preserved Pension/Lump Sum to minimum retirement age

Plus if you die and are a member of the Spouses & Children’s Scheme:

  • Spouse’s / Civil Partner’s Pension
  • Children’s Pension

(Dependent Children under the age of 16 or age 22 if in full-time education are eligible. Where such a child is permanently incapacitated by reason of mental or physical infirmity from maintaining him/herself there is no age limit provided the infirmity was there from birth or arose while the child was eligible for benefit)