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Welcome To Our Pensions Information Service

This section of our website endeavours to give you basic information on your pension scheme and allows you to access our pension related application forms and commonly requested circulars.

Who is the Pensions Information Service aimed at?

Any employee of Galway  & Roscommon ETB (GRETB) who is seeking information relating to his/her pension scheme and/or other superannuation related matters. Please note that its purpose is to give a general guide to the pension schemes and does not purport to be a legal interpretation. Therefore it cannot confer any rights which are not conferred by the superannuation schemes themselves.

Our Pension Schemes:

ETB Teachers Superannuation Scheme 2015  (for teachers employed by GRETB). 

Education Sector Superannuation Scheme 2015 (for all other staff employed by GRETB).

Single Public Service Pension Scheme (SPSPS) for all pensionable first-time entrants to the public service, including former public servants returning to the public service after a break of more than 26 weeks. NB – in certain circumstances, eg where public servant was on secondment or approved leave or remains on the same contract of employment, the 26 week rule does not apply (Section 10 (3) of the Public Service Pension (Single Scheme and other Provisions) Act 2013.

Follow link below:

Single Pension Scheme Booklet

The ETB Teachers and the Education Sector pension schemes are defined benefit schemes i.e. final salary defined benefit schemes which give a pension based on service and final pensionable remuneration (salary).

The Single Public Service Pension Scheme is a defined benefit, career average Scheme. Career average earnings are used to calculate benefits (a pension and lump sum amount accrue each year and are up-rated each year by reference to CPI).

Single .Scheme Estimator Tool

The Single Scheme Estimator Tool is a spreadsheet based calculator designed to give active Single Scheme members a broad indication of the level of retirement benefits that they may be eligible to receive on reaching their normal retirement age.
The outputs from the Estimator Tool are not a guarantee of the retirement benefits payable at your normal retirement age and are not intended to replace the requirement for your employer to provide you with an annual benefit statement.
This Single Scheme Estimator Tool is for Standard Grade members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme who are currently employed in a pensionable capacity in the Irish Public Service. A Standard Grade Member is broadly described as a member of the Scheme other than any of the following: Members of the Oireachtas including the President; the Judiciary; the Comptroller and Auditor General and other qualifying and designated office holders; Gardaí, Members of the Permanent Defence Force, Prison Officers and Career Firefighters. If you are not a Standard Grade Member, you should not use this Estimator Tool as such members have different benefit terms


Single Scheme Estimator Tool

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