GRETB Policies


Cód Iompair don Fhoireann – Code of Conduct for Staff
Cód Iompair do Chomhaltaí an Bhoird – Code of Conduct for Members of the Board
 Polasaí Saoire Bhliantúil 2016 – Annual Leave Policy 2016
 etbi_bom_handbook_gaeilge / etbi_bom_handbook_English GRETB
Polasaí Taistil agus Cothaithe  – GRETB Travel Claim Form GAEILGE
Travel and Subsistence Policy – GRETB Travel Claim Form English
Gaeilge _ GRETB Procedures for the making of Protected Disclosures
English _ GRETB Procedures for the making of Protected Disclosures
Polasaí Fón Póca – Mobile Phone Policy – Gaeilge & English
Gaeilge _Nós Imeachta Soláthair BHOOGRC-GRETB
English _GRETB Procurement Procedures
Polasaí maidir le Breisoideachais – Oiliúint Forbairt
 Continuing Professional Development Policy – GRETB Clerical Administrative Staff
Amended BullyingPrevPolicyFinal1March2015Clear
Amended Policies Docs in role as investigators
GRETB MOU Issued for Application – GRETB Grievance Procedure
Click to view Hospitality Policy Gaeilge & English
Employee Assistance Service – Payslip Inserts for Post Primary- Gaeilge English
Polasaí chun Calaois a Chosc ~ Fraud Prevention Policy
CPD POLICY- GAEILGE – Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Policy
Garda Vetting Policy Gaeilge & English
Risk Assessment for National Vetting – Gaeilge & English
Fixed Assets Policy – Gaeilge & English
Disposal of Fixed Assets Policy – Gaeilge & English
Records Management Policy – Gaeilge & English